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MILHUB are providing investment opportunities through properties across the UK

MILHUB is a UK property development company specializing in acquiring and developing land and/or existing buildings. Our goal is focus on creating better living/work spaces for professionals. Through our experience, we aim to provide opportunities within the UK property market for our investors to make great returns through our model.


In each market we invest in, we aim to achieve market leading designs, above market rents and maximising the end value of each development. In summary, our investors' investment assists us with contributing to delivering a product and service that raises the standards within the housing market.

why INVEST with us?
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Amazing Returns

We offer investors great returns on their investment, with flexible options on receiving income.

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Mission Focused

With every decision we make, we factor in that our strategies must lead to providing better spaces for our tenants and raising the standard of living in the UK

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Industry Experience

Our in-house experience, network and investment in education enables us to stay ahead of the curve.


Peace of Mind

Each property we undertake goes through thorough analysis and we ensure communicate with our investors regularly to give them peace of mind throughout.

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Fixed Returns

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Joint Ventures

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Property Consultancy

Does your property qualify?

We’re always looking for new HUB Partners and would love to hear about your site or property.

have a question?

Look through some of our frequently asked questions

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