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  • Maddy West

5 Reasons Why Co-living Could Be Perfect For You.

Co-living is the popular alternative to traditional renting with endless benefits; it is a new concept of house sharing that makes the experience more enjoyable for members. To make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons that co-living is so popular. Our concept is called the 5 C’s, (community, convenience, collaboration, cost and comfort.) We know that making the jump into shared accommodation can be daunting, so we’ve identified all the benefits of joining a co-living space and why it could be exactly what you are looking for.


Our first C is for community, we know how hard it can be to make friends as an adult, but luckily co-living offers a built-in community for its members. Most flat or house shares offer shared communal areas that encourage socialising and private bedrooms when you need that little bit of alone time. Co-living is centred around bringing like-minded people together under one roof and encourages community. Co-living spaces host a range of events including, themed nights, social events, networking events and a wide range of community-building activities that can give you the chance to develop genuine connections with people.

Whether you are relocating for work or are looking to meet new people, this movement attracts spirited personalities; who are open-minded, curious and ready for new adventures. You will meet a diverse range of people on the same journey as you; we believe connections begin at home and venture far beyond. Take a look at our blog on how to make friends in a new city to find out more.


Living in shared accommodation is generally cheaper because rent is split between several people, making the monthly payments more affordable. Traditional renting can be overly costly and can be challenging to calculate all the hidden costs beyond the rent itself, especially if you living alone. The cost of bills, council tax, furniture, tv licenses, wifi, kitchen supplies and tons of small fees can add up unexpectedly. Thankfully with co-living, all of the costs are calculated already, meaning you will only need to pay a single, all-inclusive, manageable, monthly payment with no hidden fees or large deposits.

In standard house or flat shares, there is often financial anxiety around getting housemates to pay bills and rent on time or calculating how much people should contribute towards other bills and also if one person moves out trying to find a replacement. Co-living deals with all this hassle to take the pressure off you, so you’ll never have to chase your housemates for money or get them to reimburse you and instead can focus on more important things. Some companies -such as ourselves- also offer extras such as communal cleaning, local discounts and hosting free events to add a little something extra to your experience at no extra cost.


Another benefit to moving into a co-living space is that it is more convenient than the traditional renting model, designed to put the tenant's priorities first. There are so many benefits to co-living including, flexible lease terms, often fully furnished and equipped spaces; all inclusive bills and house management, everything is taken care of. Another benefit is roommate matching, in other house-sharing models people have no choice over their housemates, whereas, in co-living spaces, your housemates are put together based on their interests and values with no extra hassle from tenants.

At Milhub, we take care of looking after the little things that matter, plus more. From Co-working Rooms to Communal Cleaning to Laundry Equipment and more, we want to make it the most simple experience for you. We even offer extras such as Moving Assistance, room cleaning and bedding for your convenience. You won’t need to worry about a single thing, we take care of all the bills meaning you pay one manageable monthly payment; we do the rest. This way you can spend more time on the things you love without worrying about things like wifi, tv licenses and utility bills.


Living in co-living spaces with like-minded people is an opportunity for professionals to form meaningful connections and collaborate. Our living spaces are filled with creatives, professionals, remote workers and entrepreneurs on the search for new adventures, making it the ultimate place for networking. The opportunities to discuss new innovative ideas, share experiences and knowledge, collaborate and find new business opportunities are endless.

Collaborating has many benefits, like enhancing creativity and innovation; working as a team can make you feel more motivated and result in better outcomes. Bringing people together is encouraged within our spaces; we believe connections begin at home and venture far beyond, collaboration over the competition every time. We even help to support local businesses and people to bring people together and create friendships, partnerships and working collaborations both inside and outside of our spaces.


Moving to a new city or into a new home can be intimidating; it is easy to feel vulnerable or alone, but being surrounded by people in the same situation can make you feel at ease. Living with housemates also gives you a sense of security and can help you feel safe and comfortable, as living alone can often be daunting. There are also practical things that will make your experience more comfortable, like sharing responsibilities such as cleaning duties and tasks such as emptying the bins and chores being rotated so you do different things weekly. When living alone all this responsibility would be down to you.

Living in a shared house certainly isn’t for everyone, but for most of us, it makes perfect sense- with some real benefits. Check out some of our other blogs and leave a comment to let us know what you think!



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